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By Dan Zimmerman

You may have followed the recent kerfuffle that ensued when venerable gun guy Hickok45 was unceremoniously booted from YouTube. Twice. It’s funny how firearms-oriented retailers and publishers tend to be given much less leeway by online media monoliths than more “reputable” content producers like, say, neo-Nazis or soft core porn purveyors [links NSFW]. It’s almost as if we’re not welcome there. Anyway . . .

one of the reasons we should all thank Al Gore for inventing the internet is that, no matter how slanted the big providers may be, new providers with better solutions seem to come along to fill niches just about every day. Along those lines, Hickok45 has made the move away from the don’t-be-evil megaconglomerate’s video hosting service to uber-firearm-friendly

And what a coincidence! TTAG’s in good company because RF and I met up with Full30 main main MAC at the SHOT Show last month and decided that was the place our talkies should live, too.

Now, we don’t have nearly the canon that prolific producers like Hickok45, 22Plinster, Demolition Ranch and others do. But that will change. …Read the Rest

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