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By Robert Farago


When I ran the Truth About Cars I learned something important about the folks working in the automotive industry: they’re not the nicest or most honest people in the world. To say the least. When I started The Truth About Guns, I discovered that the firearms industry is filled with friendly, honest, helpful human beings. Oh sure, there are exceptions. But in the main, this website has enjoyed tremendous industry support from day one. Maybe it’s because . . .

people in the gun biz are closely aligned with the political battle to defend and extend Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The firearms industry’s lack of consolidation (despite the artist formerly known as the Freedom Group’s worst efforts) also encourages “friendly competition.” And then there’s the simple fact that people who manufacture and sell guns and gun gear love guns. And gear.

For both their passion and professionalism, I’m thankful that I work with such amazing people. What are you thankful for, gun-wise?

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