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By Dan Zimmerman


Earlier this week The Trace ran an article on the looming horrors that are bumpfire stocks. They called our own Nick Leghorn to get the 411 from someone who actually knows something about firearms. That’s more than we’ve come to expect from, oh, the New York Times or the WaPo. But as you might expect, The Trace’s scribe cherry-picked the bits that best supported his premise: bumpfire stocks are dangerous because they make the equivalent of full-auto fire inexpensive and accessible. The Trace’s writers have approached other pro-gun sources for other articles. For example . . .

Michigan Open Carry’s president, Tom Lambert. One of The Trace’s “journalists” wanted to talk to him about Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and what he called, “the strange spectacle of a Republican governor vetoing several pieces of gun-rights legislation during his tenure.” Tom was understandably reluctant to talk to them. When he expressed his doubts – given the fact that The Trace is a Bloomberg-funded anti-gun agitprop generator – the writer defended his site this way:

The Trace does have seed money from Bloomberg’s group, but I am a diverse and seasoned journalist whose work has appeared in The …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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