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By Robert Farago

ELP I could understand. I reckon NASA should have sent Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Karn Evil 9 to the aliens via Voyager. OK, the British rock trio isn’t an appropriate topic for NRA PR. But neither are electro-magnetic pulses. Don’t get me wrong: I get it. EMPs threaten to destroy our power grid at a stroke and throw America into chaos, as X-Box deprived teenagers suddenly discover this thing called “outside.” (Note: they won’t like it.) In the aftermath, guns will be extremely handy, one way or another. But . .

does the NRA really want to promote survivalism? I know that the NRA’s Board has more than a few survivalists in its number. PR-wise, I’m thinking it’s best for the NRA to focus on guns for fun, hunting and (especially) defense against enemies both foreign and domestic (i.e. government tyranny). Am I wrong? Does embracing survivalists make the nation’s oldest civil right group seem a bit, well, nutty?

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