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By Robert Farago

Noelle Aston Shawver (courtesy

TTAG reader RA came across the story Death of 5-year-old girl in accidental shooting by another 5-year-old brings misdemeanor charge against local fireman at Here’s his response:

I hate to call Mr. Lish an idiot, but he was when he didn’t secure his guns. There are a few people here in town who argue that the trauma of knowing you caused a child to die should be punishment enough in this case. I can understand that argument. My wife and I have a daughter with cancer and another daughter who is severely mentally and physically handicapped. There has been a handful of times when we were not sure if the girls were going to make it through the night and the grief was almost unbearable . . .

Just knowing that your little girl might die was traumatizing, so I can only imagine the trauma knowing you caused the accidental death of a child. The whole thing is a terrible tragedy….however, tragedy or not there is absolutely no excuse for not taking proper measures to secure your firearms–especially if little kids are in the house. I’m sure Mr. Lish has suffered immensely and most likely will for a …read more

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