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By Dan Zimmerman


Last week the NRA aimed its sights (metaphorically speaking, of course) at Australia’s gun laws. More specifically, the post-Port Arthur massacre legislation that included a national gun buyback confiscation which effectively disarmed most of Oz’s law-abiding gun owners. The focus was put on Australia’s gun laws by our esteemed President who held them up as an example to be emulated here during an interview after the Charleston church shooting . . .

As they quote the would-be disarmer-in-chief, referring to the Port Arthur massacre,

“It was just so shocking—the entire country said, ‘Well, we’re going to completely change our gun laws,’ and they did. And it hasn’t happened since.”

In the NRA’s estimation,

To say that this is simply a reductive or naïve portrayal of events does not go far enough; it is almost certainly disingenuous. What occurred in Australia in 1996 was not just a stricter gun law—it was a mass confiscation. To paint it as the product of a national consensus is an insult to those Australians who were furiously opposed to being disarmed by their government.

And they conclude with this warning:

This is the gun-control regime that our president applauds for its decisive resolve. It robbed Australians of their …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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