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By Robert Farago

In terms of firearms training, I disagree with the central thesis mooted by JY and his martial arts BFF. As long as the little training is the right training, why not? (A point the martial arts guy eventually makes.) I work with newbies on a regular basis. I am always aware of their limitations: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial. The fact that further defensive gun training is not in the cards for nine out of ten of the people with whom I work is a prime consideration. For most noobs . . .

I emphasize three things: gun safety, presentation (bringing the gun to bear as quickly and safely as possible) and movement (getting off the X). Should they get additional instruction, such as cover vs. concealment,changing mags and force-on-force training? Absolutely. Are my three training points enough? Who knows? But they’re a lot better than nothing.

Am I wrong?

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