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By Jenn Jacques

When you put your gun on in the morning and leave the house for the day, are you concerned about printing?

The above picture was shared with me on Twitter. Taken by a man in a checkout line behind a woman whose firearm is only being thinly veiled by her light pink t-shirt, she could obviously care less about printing.

It’s a topic of discussion I’ve had with several instructors and an issue I’ve had myself – should we be concerned with whether or not our gun “prints” through our clothing? Yes, but mostly because if you’re carrying concealed, the object is to actually conceal the firearm. Otherwise, you might as well open carry (and don’t get me started on that today).

For me, it’s more of a subconscious issue. My husband says my biggest ‘tell’ is that I tend to adjust my clothing over my firearm when I’m out in public and, since I don’t wear skin-tight clothing, no one would even think I might be carrying a concealed firearm if I would just stop futzing with my shirt or pants or whatever.

Obviously, winter in Wisconsin means lots of layers and concealed handguns are easily, well – concealed. But in summer, …Read the Rest

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