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By Robert Farago

I came across this video recently and expected a reasonable defense of a .22 caliber pistol for self-defense. Which is perfectly understandable – given that most defensive gun uses (DGUs) don’t involve shots fired and there are many, many people (including women) who can only or better handle a .22 than a larger caliber pistol. But that’s not how Starry Hilder rolls here. She says she carries her Ruger to ward off . . .

bears and coyotes, recommending a warning shot (which violates the fourth rule of gun safety). I don’t think so. I carry a .44 or a .460 when I go where the bears go. And I’d recommend that kind of firepower for anyone, even though follow-up shots are highly unlikely. And I think a lot of people who can’t handle recoil can handle recoil when they have to. (Note: cocking a revolver isn’t difficult and the best place for your index finger is high up on the slide.)

Your thoughts?

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