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By Robert Farago

“A 21-year-old man died on Saturday after shooting himself at a Randolph gun range,” reports. While suicides at gun ranges are hardly a regular occurrence – my old home range had a ServPro moment – they do happen. Some ranges have created policies to reduce the possibility. Specifically, if you don’t bring your own gun and you want to rent a firearm, you have to bring a friend. No single walk-in gun rentals. The problem with that . . .

What if you’re a new shooter who doesn’t own a gun who wants to check out his or her ballistic options and doesn’t know anyone they can bring to the range (e.g., a newbie with anti friends)? You’re SOL. Obviously, some ranges weighed the benefits of suicide prevention – which closes down a range for days and taints the range’s rep – against the loss of potential business, and opted for the no-single-person-rentals. Right choice? If not that, what? [h/t JE]

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