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By Robert Farago


Back in the day, I was dead set against carrying a handgun with an external safety. I considered it One More Thing to Worry About – in a situation where fine motor skills go out the window, tunnel vision kicks in, trained responses go out and there’s LOTS to worry about. As for an external safety preventing a negligent discharge or a gun grab shooting, I felt confident I could keep my booger hook off the bang switch, and balanced potential gun loss against rapid, seamless presentation. And now I carry . . .

a Wilson Combat X-Tac Commander 1911.

I didn’t choose to carry a 1911 for the reassurance of the external safeties’ safety. I opted for John Moses Browning’s meisterwerk so I can take advantage of the handgun’s glass-rod-breaking single-action trigger pull. Sure, I might forget to disengage the external safety in a defensive gun use. But I don’t think so. I’ve trained myself to instinctively switch off the safety.

That said, as I’m typing, I’m pocket-carrying a Kahr MK-9. The lack of an external safety bothers me not one whit. And when I find a suitable retention holster to open carry my P226 SIG SAUER Legion Series hammer-fired handgun, I’ll …Read the Rest

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