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By Robert Farago

I met Instructor Zero at SHOT. Nice man. Good with kids. If I was going to choose someone to clear a room for me, he’d be an excellent choice. Actually, just about anyone would be a good choice, as long as it wasn’t me. Aside from rhumba-ing through a minefield, I can’t think of a more dangerous operation than room clearing. TTAG’s resident war hero Jon Wayne Taylor will tell you: room clearing’s a bitch best shared with a bunch of ballistic BFFs. And yet when my alarm system indicated a breach in the garage I went downstairs at o’dark to investigate (the schnauzers could’t be enticed from their perch on my bed). I figured it was malf and I didn’t feel like involving the local constabulary. First-class adrenalin rush. Stupid? Yup. You done it? What, when, where and how?

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