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By Robert Farago

TTAG reader DH writes:

Depending on my mood in the mornings, I’ll either listen to XM radio for morning show idiot-free music or NPR. Yeah, I know. Anyway, as luck would have it this morning was a NPR day. They have a long-running a series called StoryCorps. It’s a collection of short three- to five-minute personal stories as filler between the local and national news. I was getting ready to hop out of the truck when the story titled “The Day One Man Decided To Give Up His Gun” came on. I was compelled to stop and listen. . .

Click here to listen to the piece. The gist: Mr. Ned lived with his wife and dog in a bad neighborhood in New Orleans. For protection, he had a gun. One day he had an altercation with his neighbor who managed the apartment complex, Mr. Ned was threatened with eviction. And so…

“He walked downstairs, I closed my door and I went to my bedroom and I got my gun,” he said. “What a gun does, it talks to you. Things that you’d normally say I’m not going to do or I’ll just let it pass, gun …read more

Via:: Truth About Guns

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