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By Dan Zimmerman


By Brandon via

A reader sent us a photo of his Hornady Z-Max ammo (Zombie ammo, for those nights when the pesky zombies want to get in your home) and posted the following question: “Okay I gotta ask this question. The Hornady Z-Max ammo has a disclaimer on it that says for use on Zombies only and not on humans, plants, animals, or minerals only zombies. My question to you is with our brain dead, political correct, judicial system would this be able to be used as hinderance and prosecuting grounds against a victim (homeowner) in a self defense situation? No joke just a little something to twist your mind tonight.” . . .

Here is the actual disclaimer taken from their website, in case you don’t believe him:

ScreenHunter_509 Apr. 25 22.21

What a weird question, but it’s completely valid. While I can’t think of a case where something like this has happened, a prosecutor can certainly make something out of this, regardless of the fact that the ammo tip is simply a different color. They can make something out of anything they want, really.

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