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By Robert Farago

I recently damaged a bottle of Walking Stick with a conspiracy theorist. Nice guy. Smart. Well-armed. Well-provisioned. And well out of his mind – even before the bourbon kicked-in. He would have me believe that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged. And yet we agreed on the unseen forces behind ATF Operation Fast & Furious. And shared suspicions about Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh’s rapid execution (within a year of the explosion, which killed far more children than Sandy Hook) . . .

I don’t believe in the Illuminati theory of world domination. But the feds are giving me the heebie-jeebies, what with secret FISA courts, a data capture facility in Utah that has its own nuclear power plant and billions in hidden “domestic security” budgets. What’s your take? Is there a hidden, highly-orchestrated conspiracy to disarm and enslave Americans?

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