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By Dan Zimmerman


I was having a conversation with a member of the Houston Police Department about the impact of an improper 30.06 sign (although, this could be about any state that has proscribed signage requirements). My point was that if the sign is correct, he can arrest immediately, but if the sign is incorrect it’s no different than no sign and the carrier must be given notice before an arrest can be made. He advised me that even if the sign is improper, including a handwritten note on a sheet of paper, he would immediately arrest a person carrying on premises for trespassing . . .

Only if there is no sign would he give notice before making an arrest, or as he put it, “you can beat the rap but you won’t beat the ride.”
How do you respond to his comment? What recourse do you have if arrested in the improper signage case? If that outlook is broadly held, how does it impact your decision to carry in improper-notice buildings?

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