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By Robert Farago

We’ve seen lots of bodycam footage of officer-involved shootings in the last year or so since the Michael Brown shooting. As more and more police departments video officer interactions with the general public, we’re getting better and better intel on what’ “really” goes down when the cops send lead flying. I put the word “really” in quotes because context is key; action footage can be extremely misleading. In fact, I reckon the number of “bad shoots” now is a lot smaller than the number of police murders in days gone by. But despite the new technologically-enhanced accountability, there’s still a police culture of coverup and contempt for the rule of law. Here’s proof [via] . . .

Three teens mistakenly walked up to the home of a New Jersey state trooper at 2 a.m. last Sunday and began knocking on the door, thinking it was their friend’s home, who lives on the same block.

But when a man on the other side of the door began yelling and cursing at them, they realized they had the wrong home and began walking back to their car.

When the angry man stepped out of …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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