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By Robert Farago


“In July 2015, a friend of the applicant attended the car park of the applicant’s workplace with the intention of discussing a rifle part with him,” reports. “Critically, the applicant used his security pass to give his friend access to the car park. Whilst there, the friend revealed she had brought her high powered rifle with her in the car. A member of the public witnessed the applicant and his friend with the rifle in the car park and reported the event to the police . . .

The police attended the car park and found the applicant and his friend with the unarmed rifle.

Although his friend was charged with an ammunition related offence, the police did not charge the applicant.

Following the incident, the applicant was stood down pending an investigation.

The company employing the unnamed admirer of the “high powered” rifle fired him. He appealed the decision to Queensland’s Fair Work Commission. The Commission ruled that he’d been wronged, as follows.

The employer’s fundamental reason to dismiss the applicant was the alleged misconduct of the applicant which involved him either, permitting (his friend) to enter the car park in the knowledge that she had the …Read the Rest

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