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By Jacki Billings

Marilyn Smolenski founded Nickel and Lace, a concealed carry apparel company targeting women gun owners; but Smolenski is putting her business ventures on hold to run for office. (Photo: Eric P. Davis / Pioneer Press)
Nickel and Lace founder and CEO Marilyn Smolenski once watched models walk down the runway at concealed carry fashion shows; but now the gun toting mother of two has turned her attention to bigger stages. Smolenski announced she’ll be taking on veteran Democratic Representative Marty Molan for his seat in the Illinois House of Representatives, serving Illinois’ 55th district. was recently afforded the opportunity to talk to Smolenski about her political aspirations as well as how the election will impact her role as small business owner. What drove the decision to run for a House of Representatives seat?
Smolenski: I am running because (Americans) are being forced out of our homes, our taxes continue to rise, our home values are stagnant, and our neighbors are fleeing the state. Every time I think we are getting ahead financially in our personal lives and with my business, we get slammed by another regulation or tax. Residents of Illinois are being over taxed and under represented, and rather than


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