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By Jacki Billings

Marchelle Tigner is determined to empower women, offering them a safe space to deepen their firearms skills. (Photo: Trigger Happy Firearms Instruction)
Marchelle Tigner isn’t just another gun trainer. The Army National Guard vet and firearms instructor is on a mission: to train one million women how to operate and shoot a firearm. As a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor, she aims to bring ladies, especially women of color, into the training fold to give them the confidence and knowledge to survive.
Instructing under her own business, Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction, Tigner spends her weekends traveling from city to city leaving her mark on the women who anxiously enter her classroom seeking handgun training and safety tips. recently caught up with Tigner to find out why she’s shooting for the stars, what holds ladies back and how the gun industry can do better by women. What brought you into the training industry?
Tigner: I served in the Army National Guard for seven years. I was military intelligence and that’s where I first learned how to shoot rifles and handguns. Specifically with military intelligence, the handgun is usually our primary weapon. I ended up shooting that almost as much as I shot my


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