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By Scott Gara

Clayton Wisdom, aka molefty_18, is known for shooting fast and bringing home the hardware. (Photo: Clayton Wisdom)
When he was 11 years old, Clayton Wisdom’s uncle handed him his first single-action revolver to shoot. Afterward, his uncle told him, “You just beat half of SASS.” He’s only gotten faster since. Better known by the Instagram handle @molefty_18, Wisdom, now 20 years old, has won a world title, state titles, and numerous regionals as a competitive SASS shooter. Calling Cedar Hills, Missouri home, we caught up with Wisdom to learn more about SASS and why you should try it. Why did you get into SASS? Who got you started?
Wisdom: My uncle did. He lived right across the street from us. Actually, I played baseball all the way up until the time my baseball team fell apart. He took me out to the gun range, me and my dad, and I never shot a pistol. He took us out and I tried the pistol for the first time. And he looked at me and said, “You just beat half of SASS.” Didn’t think much of it. Then spring came, I just dove right in. Did your uncle show you how to fan the


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