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By Noah Alkinburgh

PTR has die hard enthusiasts of the MP5 style 9mm sub guns excited with the expansion of the 9K line to include the new 9KT. Speaking with Bill Demers, PTR’s Nation Sales Mangaer, he said, “The 9K is the gun everyone builds when starting with this platform…the next step was the 9KT.” The 9K line now includes three and half models.
The 9KR, which is the “regular” and is a standard 9mm carbine with a 16” barrel. Demer says, “this is my favorite to shoot, and whenever I get a chance to train, the R is my go to.” Now some of you might have noticed I said 3 and HALF models. That’s because the R also comes in a California compliant version. This model has all the wonderful additions that California says you need to have on a carbine to make sure it’s not an assault model.
The 9K, which was introduced last year, according to Demers has started to sell even better now that the 9KT has been introduced. The 9K can be used with pretty much any stock set up that you would use on an MP5 (make sure you have the proper paperwork for an SBR if you


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