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By Tom Knighton

I can respect anyone who tries to be a peacemaker, especially on a topic as volatile as guns and gun rights. It’s not easy, and it’s bound to open up to all kinds of vitriol. Both sides have passionate members who will not respect any side other than their own.

It seems a Canadian psychology professor who specializes in how people think has decided to take a swing at it.

So why do we continue to argue about this? One problem that I rarely see being discussed is that many of us have limited experience with guns and/or violence and have to rely on what we know from memory and from external source and we’re susceptible to cognitive biases.

Let’s look at things from the perspective of an average American gun owner. This might be you, people you know, family, etc. Most of these gun owners are very responsible, knowledgeable, and careful. They own firearms for sport and also for personal protection and in some cases, even run successful training courses for people to learn about gun safety. From the perspective of a responsible and passionate gun owner, it seems to be quite true that the problem is not guns …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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