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By Christen Smith

Screenshot of protesters interrupting Dr. John Lott’s presentation at an informational hearing on gun-free zones hosted by the State Government Committee in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on May 22, 2017. (Photo: Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus)
Government protesters crashed an informational hearing on gun-free zones at the Pennsylvania Capitol building this week, riling state legislators and setting the stage for a heated debate about concealed carry.
Demonstrators interrupted testimony from pro-gun researcher and economist Dr. John Lott during Monday’s hearing to shout down the House State Government Committee for its failure to act on an unrelated piece of legislation banning gifts between lawmakers.
About half a dozen people filed into the back of the room chanting “pass the gift ban, do your job” before police arrested them in the hallway outside, preventing some committee members from entering the hearing, including Republican Rep. Francis Ryan.
“I am absolutely offended at that theatric show that was put out in the hallway when people prevented me from getting to my appointed place and duty at the appropriate point in time, when I was supposed to be here by noon for a presentation called by our chair,” he said. “That was done for entirely theatric purposes.”
Ryan, who served four decades in


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