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By Rob Morse

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook: Never Again

U.S.A. -( I sat in on a training course for school teachers. I watched their faces in class. They were focused on the instructor in front of them. The instructor paced back and forth in jerky steps. He spoke in loud and uneven outbursts. His fists clenched. Sometimes he threw a pointed finger across the audience. His emotions were barely contained. What made this man so animated and so angry?

This was a training class where school staff learn to be armed first responders. They will stop a threat at their school and treat the injured until help arrives. That isn’t an academic or a theoretical problem.

For these Colorado school teachers, school safety is personal and real.

We all know why the instructor was angry. You felt it yourself. Remember the news from the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. How about Columbine High School. I’m sure you remember the Century-16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and the Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado. These were the scenes of murderous attacks on innocent people. All of us who read about the attacks felt anger, horror, outrage and frustration. We felt that at a distance. …Read the Rest

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