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By Robert Farago

LA City Attorney Mike Feuer (courtesy Twitter)

Press release from Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer (above):

LOS ANGELES – Focusing on the dangers posed by guns in domestic violence incidents–including a 500% increase in the risk the victim of abuse will be killed–today many of the nation’s leading prosecutors joined with experts in gun violence and public health to call for a major change in federal law and sweeping improvements across the country aimed at removing guns from domestic abusers . . .

In an extensive report analyzing laws, judicial practices, prosecutorial approaches and law enforcement protocols throughout America, Prosecutors Against Gun Violence (PAGV) and the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearms Policy recommended significant changes to break the link between domestic violence and gun violence.

The report’s principal recommendation is that: Federal law should be changed to prohibit purchase and possession of firearms by persons subject to temporary domestic violence restraining orders.

Moreover, prosecutors, law enforcement and courts should develop protocols for:

• Identifying domestic abusers with firearm(s);

• Ensuringing these individuals relinquish their firearm(s) once subject to a domestic violence restraining order;

• Ensuring the firearm(s) are not returned without a subsequent background check;

• Ensuring accountability when the prohibited person fails to comply with the relinquishment order.

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