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By Brian Seay

Dominique Heaggan-Brown, right, is charged with first-degree reckless homicide for the shooting death of Sylville Smith, left. (Photo: Facebook)
Opening statements kicked off Tuesday in the trial of a former Milwaukee police officer who shot and killed a man last summer, setting off two days of riots.
Prosecutors and defense attorneys say body camera footage will play a major role in the trial of 25-year-old Dominique Heaggan-Brown. That footage is expected to be made public during the trial, according to the Associated Press.
District Attorney John Chisholm told jurors Tuesday that Heaggan-Brown shot a defenseless Sylville Smith “in point-blank range.” Defense attorneys said the former officer believed Smith still had a gun when he fired the fatal shot.
It all started during a traffic stop on Aug. 13. The 23-year-old Smith, a black man, ran away from Heaggan-Brown, who is also black, during the stop. Smith was holding a stolen handgun and tossed it over a fence while he looked back at Heaggan-Brown. That’s when the officer shot Smith in the arm. When he fell to the ground, Heaggan-Brown fired a second shot, hitting him in the chest and killing him.
“Sylville Smith is on the ground, his hands by his head, unarmed with nowhere


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