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By Bob Owens

Harvey Lembo refused to be a victim to criminals, but is now a victim of his landlord.

The wheelchair-bound Rockland, Maine man who shot and wounded a violent felon who invaded his home Tuesday is now being told that he must give up his gun or face eviction:

The 67-year-old man who shot an alleged intruder accused of trying to steal his prescription painkillers has been told by his landlord he cannot have a firearm in his apartment.

“This is bull,” Harvey Lembo said Tuesday afternoon after he received a letter from the company that manages the Park Place Apartments in Rockland explaining its policy against guns.

Lembo, who uses a wheelchair, said he should have the right to have a gun to protect himself but has agreed to comply.

Lembo said he purchased a 7 mm Russian-made revolver on Monday after four burglaries at his apartment, the most recent occurring last month when prescription painkillers and $1,000 in cash reportedly were stolen.

About midnight Monday, just 12 hours after he obtained the gun, Lembo used it to shoot 45-year-old Christopher Wildhaber of Rockland, who Lembo said had broken into his home to steal his medications. Wildhaber was shot in the shoulder and …read more

Source:: Bearing Arms

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