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By Dean Weingarten

Britain has some of the most restrictive controls on firearms of any nation on earth. Inspector Colin Greenwood wrote the first academic study of gun control in England and Wales, at Cambridge University, in 1972. He found that registration of guns and the licensing of guns had no effect on crime. From A Study of Armed Crime and Firearms Control in England and Wales . . .


How, then, should policy on firearms controls be affected by the facts produced? The system of registering all firearms to which Section I applies as well as licensing the individual takes up a large part of the police time involved and causes a great deal of trouble and inconvenience. The voluminous records so produced appear to serve no useful purpose. In none of the cases examined in this study was the existence of these records of any assistance in detecting a crime and no one questioned during the course of the study could establish the value of the system of registering weapons.

He later documented that the gun laws in England were passed because of fear of revolution instead of to control crime.Law Professor and …read more

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