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By [email protected] (Rick Ector)

Project ChildSafe Offers FREE Firearm Safety Training For Children

If you have a group, church, school, day care, community center, or other civic organization and would like to host a FREE Firearm Safety Program for children, please contact either myself or fellow members of “Michigan Gun Owners” on Facebook.

Presumably, you have heard of a few unfortunate local tragedies involving small children and firearms. Allow us to help you protect our children. Obviously, recent events have given firearm safety higher visibility lately. So, while the whole town is talking about it, I challenge you to do something about it.

Invite us to teach children about firearm safety.

Do keep in mind that I am not absolving gun owners of their absolute duty to keep guns inaccessible from children. I am pushing this program because if we also teach our kids then they will be even safer.

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Source:: Legally Armed in Detroit

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