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By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( machine shop/80% receiver case has resulted in a 3 1/2 year sentence for a California man, Daniel Crowninshield, of Sacramento. Crowninshield is 54 years old.

Crowninshield plead guilty. He did not insist on a jury trial. It is easy to see why. Here is the plea agreement. The agreement was signed on April 14, 2016.

Crowninshield is a prohibited possessor. He was convicted of domestic violence in 2000 and again in 2001. The indictment shows that he possessed three pistols, two M-16 type receivers, and an AK type receiver. The receivers were characterized as machine guns.

He was indicted on six counts.

1. Unlawful dealing in firearms – based on the manufacturing of receivers without a license, I would presume.

2. Possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

3. Possession of a machinegun.

4-6 Possession of an unregistered firearm ( U.S.C. Section 5861(d)). Probably 80% receivers that were completed and did not have serial numbers.

Those are the six crimes (counts) mentioned in the indictment.

Potential jail time was up to 55 years in federal prison.

All the charges against Crowninshield were federal charges.

Crowninshield advertised on firearms forums …Read the Rest

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