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By Sarah Taylor

Mark Bird, the professor who shot himself in the arm in a university bathroom in protest of President Donald Trump, now says that he actually did it because he wants to ban AR-15s, among other issues.

What’s the history here?

Bird, a 69-year-old emeritus sociology professor at the College of Southern Nevada, shot himself in the arm on the second day of classes at the college.

After discovering Bird bleeding outside of a bathroom campus, police said that Bird fired the self-inflicted shot to his arm in protest of Trump and his administration’s policies. He had also taped a $100 bill to the bathroom’s mirror for the janitor to apparently compensate for the bloody mess he made inside the facility.

The president of the school’s faculty union issued a statement condemning the way the university handled the incident.

“They never really told the students much about it except that it was resolved on the actual day of the shooting,” Robert Manis told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in a statement. “When you don’t give the full details, then rumors go crazy. It’s unfortunate because it made the students and faculty very afraid and allowed rumors to proliferate.”

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