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By Bob Owens

 I spent my Independence Day shooting the MCTS Red, White, and Blue Steel Challenge match! This match was awesome every array you shot had to be shot in the order of (Red, White, then Blue) a definite mind game! I had one stage that really hurt but the rest were consistent enough to get me a 4th/42 shooters!! I had 2 Grand Masters and a Master edge me out this time(: I cant wait to shoot this style match again! This is like the best pistol practice for 3 gun period!! This stage had a Polish Plate Rack at 12yrds, a Texas Star at 8, 7 – 3″ circles at 12, 6 – 8″ Circles at 10, and 2 8″ at 40yrds!! I ended up getting a 2nd place finish on this stage!!

Posted by Hunter AKA “Nubbs” The No Handed Shooter on Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hunter Cayll’s solid 4th place finish is impressive for a young shooter just 20 years old, but when you seen what he’s had to overcome to get there…

Heart matters, folks. and yes, it is a little dusty in here.

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