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By Dan Zimmerman


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Firearm serial numbers – they’re normally located on the barrel and the upper receiver, but depending upon the age of the gun — there may only be one. It’s the number that gets pulled for the Form 4473 that is saved alongside the authentication of the background check. Whoops! Your gun is stolen. That’s bad news. Bad news for you and potentially bad news for someone else. Well, let’s be responsible about this. Why are your guns’ serial numbers important and what’s the best way to store them? . . .

Option 1: Keep The Bill Of Sale Separate From The Firearm
When you purchase a gun — whether through private sale or through a dealer — make sure that bill of sale has the serial number written on it. Keep that receipt somewhere safe. Most thieves don’t want to go through your old tax records from 2005 and they’d likely miss a folder with gun receipts in it. If that doesn’t float your boat, keep it them a separate locked container — make them work for that information.

Option 2: Electronically Record The Serial Numbers
If you understand basic encryption techniques, you may want to store …Read the Rest

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