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By Grace Stevens

According to court documents, [Andrew Jace] Larrabure-Tuma used Snapchat to advertise guns for sale. During the investigation, Larrabure-Tuma sold guns to undercover officers and a confidential informant. Larrabure-Tuma, who could not legally purchase a gun in the state of California, ordered kits from the internet, including from a company called Polymer80, a licensed firearms manufacturer in Nevada, and manufactured his own firearms and then sold the guns he had manufactured.
A search warrant was executed at Larrabure-Tuma’s residence in Sacramento and law enforcement officers found what appeared to be a firearm manufacturing operation, including partially complete firearms, firearm kits from Polymer80, firearm parts, tools for manufacturing and finishing firearms, firearm accessories, completed firearms, and ammunition.
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Source: The Truth About Guns

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