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By Gregory Smith

Spur Ergo Gun Grips

The advertising industry in general is not a friendly place for conservatives, I once had a Republican Creative Director that had anti-death penalty pro-bono work in his portfolio. Why not pro-death penalty? Pro-gun? Pro law enforcement? Because it’s just not done.

That’s why I was very honored when the Creative Director and Owner of Spur Creative Studios got in touch with me, after finding some of the ads they created for Ergo Gun Grips on my site.

1. Can having a gun or gun product account hurt your chances of getting “mainstream” accounts? Most of the ad agencies I have worked for are terrified of controversy, are their fear justified? Have you ever heard a client say, “I can’t hire your agency because you advertise Ergo Gun Grips?”
As with anything, it depends. If you strictly work with gun accounts and only have gun accounts in your portfolio, then it may end up affecting you negatively since you won’t have other work to show to new clients. I personally have never encountered any resistance from my clients in other industries. I’ve always been a believer that it is important to work with a diverse group of clients because …Read the Rest

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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