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By Dave Urbanski

Marc Murphy, an editorial cartoonist for the Louisville Courier-Journal, decided that since the NRA’s annual convention is coming to his town this week, he’d welcome the group in his own way:

Welcome to a#Louisville, @NRA. Enjoy your stay. @courierjournal

— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons) May 16, 2016

As you might imagine, Murphy’s stark message didn’t sit well with pro-gun advocates:

.@MurphyCartoons @courierjournal I was at the convention in Nashville last year and Indy the year before that. Crime went DOWN during both.

— Bob Owens (@bob_owens) May 16, 2016

@bob_owens @MurphyCartoons Pffft, cartoonists don’t need silly facts getting in the way of the political point they want to make.

— Jags Movie Guy (@MoviePaul) May 16, 2016

@bob_owens @MurphyCartoons @courierjournal NRA & Law abiding citizens are not murdering children, criminals are. This cartoon is illogical.

— Alex (@TheCollective82) May 16, 2016

@MurphyCartoons @courierjournal the single most disgusting slander of I’ve ever witnessed.

— Michael Tigue (@Yandrosxx) May 17, 2016

To which Murphy replied:

@Yandrosxx @courierjournal You’ve lived a sheltered life. Also …Read the Rest

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