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By CN Staff

By Luis Valdes via TTAG

Florida Democrat state representative Margaret Good has filed House Bill 135, the latest gun control bill to be introduced in the Sunshine State. In some respects it’s your typical universal background check bill that would outlaw all private transfers of firearms and require that sellers and buyers use a federally licensed dealer as the middle man to perform a background check.

Under current law, if a child is 16 but below 18, they can legally possess a firearm in their residence with a parent’s approval. The proposed UBC bill would scrap that. No one under 18 could be loaned a firearm unless it’s “for lawful hunting or sporting purposes or for any other 99 lawful recreational activity.”

The only uncontrolled legal transfer between two people allowed under the bill would be lending someone a gun “solely for the purpose of shooting at targets, if the loan occurs on the premises of a sport shooting range, and the firearm is at all times kept within the premises of the sport shooting range” or to someone at least 18 years old who …Read the Rest

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