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By Tom Knighton

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto wants to break the law.

The push by him and city councilmembers like Corey O’Connor is nothing more than people looking to break the law to get what they want. In that way, it makes them no different than a carjacker or burglar. As such, it seems reasonable that they are subjected to the same criminal repercussions as any other criminal, right?

Except, we know good and well that politicians who try to ignore state preemption ordinances don’t get prosecuted. When the prosecutors are political creatures themselves, there’s not a lot of chance that they’ll prosecute other politicians without a reason they can’t ignore, like corruption.

In Pittsburgh, while some are trying impeachment and others are being outright stupid, some are trying another tactic.

Mayor Bill Peduto and most of Pittsburgh City Council were hit Thursday with private criminal complaints filed against them with the district attorney over proposed gun legislation — but the District Attorney’s Office says the complaints were filed prematurely and improperly.

Val Finnell of Kennedy Township and Alexis Stefko of Pittsburgh filed their complaints separately and electronically, using a web form on the DA’s office website.

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