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By Jim Grant

Primary Arms PLX 5x Prism Scope
The Primary Arms 5x ACSS Compact Prism Scope is available in both black and FDE.

U.S.A. -( When it comes to combat optics, there is a misconception that shooters need to spend big money to get a quality scope. This is partially fueled by the legendary durability of Trijicon ACOGs that normally run around $1,000 since they were among the first combat scopes to gain widespread use among civilian shooters. And while offerings from Trijicon is very nice, they’re often outside the financial means of many shooters.

One optics maker that made a name for itself debunking this myth, is Primary Arms. Based in Houston, TX, Primary Arms makes some of the finest weapon sights for the money, on the market today. One such optic is their SLX 5X Compact Prismatic scope. Before going into all the features of the optic, let’s take a closer look at what prismatic scopes are, and why shooters should (or should not) buy one.

While a traditional scope utilizes a series of lenses to focus light (AKA magnify an image) to a shooter’s eye, a prismatic scope foregoes the extra lenses and uses an internal prism instead. This …Read the Rest

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