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By Brandon Curtis

Back at the end of February of this year, I noticed a drop in traffic to our website. I watched, but not too closely. This is the slow time of year, after all. A month went by and the drop continued, and it became apparent that this wasn’t an ordinary slump. Something was going on, and it was just a matter of figuring out what that something was.

While digging through Analytics, all signs kept pointing to one location: Facebook. I reached out to my friends Robert and Dan at The Truth About Guns to see if they were seeing similar results. They were.

I got out my little black book and contacted others in the industry, and heard the same story time and time again. It was no coincidence; something was happening on the Facebook end of things, and it was severely hurting our website traffic referrals from the social media giant.

After receiving confirmation from my account manager at Facebook that we were all, indeed, being subject to dismal reach with our Facebook pages, it was time to dig deeper. The answers however, did not come quickly.

Fast-forward 3 weeks since first contact with Facebook, and here we are today. For more …Read the Rest

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