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By Newt Gingrich

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President Trump is Working to Lower Drug Prices

USA – -( President Trump’s drug price reduction plan, American Patients First, which he announced last week, is an impressive and thorough effort to fix the underlying dynamics in the pharmaceutical marketplace that have made drugs too expensive for most Americans.

The Trump administration’s thorough understanding of what is actually causing these price increases (which the 44-page plan lays out concisely) separates President Trump’s sophisticated and serious plan from the Democrats’ far-left calls for price controls and foreign importation of potentially dangerous drugs.

The fact is: While affordability is a challenge, pharmaceutical innovation is producing miracle cures for cancer and other diseases. It is vital that we keep this pipeline of innovation running strong to continue the development of new cures and treatments that allow us to live longer, healthier lives.

The vast majority of this important research and development is occurring in the United States. The Democrats’ plans would choke off the R&D necessary to keep new treatments and cures coming. As Americans grow older they need more drug innovation, not less.

Encouragingly, President Trump’s plan follows the same “1,000-step” approach in health care for which I have …Read the Rest

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