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By Harold Hutchison

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The future of the Second Amendment may well rest on how well we prepare the next generation to defend it.

U.S.A. -( President Ronald Reagan famously said that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” That is particularly true of our Second Amendment rights. The fact is, those who wish to enact an extreme anti-Second Amendment agenda have been working to reach the next generation of voters.

So, how do we prepare the next generation of Second Amendment defenders? This is no small question – Wayne LaPierre has been defending the Second Amendment for over three decades as Executive Director of NRA-ILA and the Executive Vice President of the NRA, and he is not exactly a spring chicken. But defending the Second Amendment is not the exclusive province of senior NRA leaders – it’s a duty for every law-abiding gun owner as well. One of the ways they can carry out that duty is to teach the children.

As the famous Whitney Houston song put it, the children are our future. In fact, the preparation of the next generation of Second Amendment defenders starts at home. Children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews… this is where any Second Amendment …Read the Rest

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