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By Brandon Curtis

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South Dakota is on a fast track to become the nation’s fourteenth state with nationwide constitutional carry after Senate Bill 47 passed on Tuesday with a 23-11 vote after about one hour of debate. Both the Senate and House currently have Republican majorities, the House even more than the Senate. The reason constitutional carry hasn’t been passed already isn’t for lack of trying on the legislators’ part: In fact, permitless carry has passed in both the House and Senate in South Dakota before. However, both bills – HB1248 and HB1072 – were vetoed in 2012 and 2017 respectively by the former (Republican) governor Dennis Daugaard. With the new governor Kristi Noem, also a Republican, in office, we’re optimistic for this third attempt.

State Senator Brock Greenfield made the following case in support of the proposed law, which will sound comfortably familiar to all of you:

“Law-abiding citizens are currently the only people obtaining permits to carry concealed. If you’re not a law-abiding citizen, you cannot obtain that permit. Allowing these individuals to carry concealed without a permit will not …Read the Rest

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