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By gunwriter With regard to shooting a precision rifle efficiently there are a number of skills you need to master. Bipod use is one of them and learning how to load your bipod will help you better manipulate your rifle and your optics when in a shooting position. This is because it frees your hands to do other work, while allowing you to still keep the rifle on target. It will also help you recover from recoil quicker. It’s a simple thing but you need a knife – a real knife to pull it off. This demonstration shows how to load the bipod on a Mossberg MVP LC rifle that has been outfitted with a Nightforce SHV scope. The unlikely tool is a Southern Grind cryogenically quenched Jackal. Like I said, you need a real knife to pull this off. The ground will not always be soft and supple like in this video. It could be frozen, full of rocks, or just as hard as plain old Chinese arithmetic. …Read the Rest

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