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By Josh Wayner

Precision Rifle Company Michigan Mjolnir .450 Bushmaster
Precision Rifle Company Michigan Mjolnir .450 Bushmaster

U.S.A.-( I have been covering the .450 Bushmaster here on AmmoLand since this past summer and have had the opportunity to test and build some great guns. Some of these projects proved difficult to perfect, but others were ready to go right from the box. This rifle is something entirely different in that it is a professional custom build from a world-class gunsmith operation. I am happy to be able to present the very first of these guns made in this AmmoLand exclusive: The Michigan Mjolnir chambered in .450 Bushmaster.

Precision Rifle Company (PRC) in Dorr, Michigan is the party responsible for this unequaled build. PRC was opened in 2015 with the ambition of becoming ‘the’ dream rifle custom shop in Michigan, but it fast became the premier precision smithy in the entire Midwest. The folks at PRC will build just about anything, and in my tour of the facility, I saw a number of rifles that attested to this. They do it for the love of the build. It should be said that PRC is primarily a bolt-gun company, however, they work on a number of different rifles. They do not …Read the Rest

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