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By Jeremy S.


Jay Leno had a great bit (maybe his only one) called “stupid criminals,” where he highlighted really bad choices made by really dumb criminals. Although not particularly humorous, I think the two men and one woman who stole the 9mm SBR seen above from the Precision Firearms booth at the Gear American Outdoor Show this week have a well-deserved spot on that list. Stealing an NFA item? Really? Way to turn petty theft into a 10-year Federal prison sentence. Read on for the information from Mark Hostetter, owner of Precision Firearms . . .

I should mention that Mark is currently putting together a 6.5 Grendel AR for TTAG review. It will be headed my way soon, and with Precision Firearms’ reputation for making shoot-the-nuts-off-a-fly-accurate rifles I’m definitely looking forward to seeing if I can wring out its full capability. I was impressed — shocked, really — with the performance of PF’s muzzle brake in the last 5.56 muzzle brake test; far exceeding my recoil reduction expectations given its small size and clean looks. If their rifle performs similarly, I may well have to bring in a pinch hitter (aka a better precision rifle shooter than …Read the Rest

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