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By Robert Farago

Bianca Campbell (courtesy

“While out shopping in Georgia at my favorite bookstore, the same day the Emanuel AME Church reopened its doors after the mass shooting, a white man in camouflage entered the store openly carrying a gun on his hip,” Bianca Campbell (above) writes at “In my home state, we recently allowed licensed individuals to bring their guns into bars, churches, and college campuses, all for the sake of ‘safety.’ Yet, in this moment, at the bookstore, I realized that such gun control laws only ensure certain people feel safe, while others who do not wish to own a gun are left feeling powerless.” Sigh. So much fail in so few sentences. Let’s start with this . . .

If a black woman feels powerless with an armed white man nearby (trust me: we’re going there), I recommend she get a gun, strap it on her hip and see if her apprehension dissipates. Not that owning a gun is about cloaking yourself in the mantle of ballistic confidence, but who’s to say open carry wouldn’t cure her open carry phobia? I believe the technique is called “flooding.” Or perhaps “empathy.” There’s no law against it. In fact, Ms. Campbell …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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