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By Johannes Paulsen

A couple of years ago, Andrew Cuomo, the demagoguc Democrat governor of New York, rammed through the ironically-named NY SAFE Act, an ill-conceived, hastily-written law designed to pander to Cuomo’s anti-gun ideological base by violating the civil rights of Empire State residents. Enforcement of the NY SAFE Act has been spotty at best, with county sheriffs announcing that they simply wouldn’t enforce it, reports of large-scale civil disobedience by New Yorkers who refused to abide by its provisions, and lately, an admission by Gov. Cuomo that the provision calling for background checks and registration of ammo purchases simply can’t be implemented . . .

That last bit has caused a few NY State Senate Democrats to howl that the constitution is being violated, reports the New York Times.
“On first read, this appears blatantly unconstitutional,” said Senator Michael N. Gianaris of Queens, the deputy minority leader. “The notion that one house of the Legislature will have greater powers than another, and the governor, with one house only, can agree to change state law, turns our democracy on its head.” He continued: “Republicans got what they wanted because they were able to hold up …read more

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