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By David Codrea

In other words, even California’s #1 A-rated “gun laws” arent enough and we need more… (Everytown/Facebook)

USA – -( “When we do get an ID on the perp, look for all his social media to go on lockdown beforehand or soon thereafter, meaning we will be dependent on what the ‘authorities’ share with the [media] for all information,” I wrote on the WarOnGuns blog yesterday in an updating post on the Borderline Bar and Grill murders.

It’s a common reaction whenever someone commits a heinous act resulting in media attention. While everyone is running around trying to figure out who the monster was and what motivated him (the word “monster” gives a hint), resources available to all that can provide real insights are closed off. We’re stuck with what we’re told and expected to trust it.

That’s not always easy or wise, especially considering overwhelmingly anti-gun sentiments in the media and in much of law enforcement leadership. It’s not like social media accounts can’t be preserved and locked down to prevent updates and comments, yet remain as accessible as they were before the decision to take them down. And it appears the Borderline …Read the Rest

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